Trainer Competition

Bell Robotics Competition for Adama Trainers

  1. Robot Story Challenge.
  2. Bell Assembly Challenge.
  3. Bell Dance Challenge.
  4. Bell Drawing Challenge.
  5. Controlled Robot Race Challenge.
  6. Automated Robot Race Challenge.
  7. Bell Football Challenge. (Controlled with Phone)
  8. Bell Line Follower Challenge.
  9. Bell Obstacle Avoider Challenge.
  10. Bell Balloon Challenge.
  11. Bell Design Challenge.
  12. Bell Maze Runner Challenge.
  13. Bell Photography Challenge.

Robot Story Challenge.

Team will have to come up with a story using a robot character. The story should highlight the challenges that we can face with the help of robots.

30 Seconds

Bell Assembly Challenge.

Individual Trainers will be given a Bell to assemble. We will time on how fast you can assemble and how neat you work. Also at the end, you will also have to disassemble the Robots.

Bell Dance Challenge.

Team will have a set of 3-4 Bell Robots. Team will have to show us some coordinated dance moves with tones.

Bell Drawing Challenge.

Team will have to draw shapes with Bell Robot. A marker and a tape will be provided to accomplish this task. Team will be judged on how fast and coordinated their drawing will be.

Bell Robots will have to programmed in the beginning. Shapes will be given to the teams on the day.

Controlled Robot Race Challenge.

Team will be able to participate on the Controlled Robot Race Challenge with 1 Bell from each team. The team to finish the Race first will be given rewards. The Race track will be given on the day.

Automated Robot Race Challenge.

Each team will send a Bell Robot to finish the Race, however they will only have a chance at the beginning. The teams will be timed on how fast they can program and achieve their goals.

Bell Football Challenge. (Controlled with Phone)

Teams will be participating in a football challenge with their Bell Robots. We will have a small tournament with 2-3 Bells in each team.

Bell Line Follower Challenge.

Teams will have to make their Bell Robot follow a certain line which will be given on the day. And at the end bring an object from one place to the destination.

Bell Obstacle Avoider Challenge.

Teams will have to program Bell Robot in such a way that it will not come across Obstacles while navigating through a Map. The teams with least number of Obstacle will win this challenge.

Bell Balloon Challenge.

Teams will have to add a Balloon to the Bell and then they will have to burst them with a pen or a needle connected to the Bell.

Bell Design Challenge.

Teams will have to come up with innovative cover designs for Bell Robot.

Designs will have to be – Quirky and fun, Both suited to male and female audience, Manufacturing factor, simple and easy.  

Bell Maze Runner Challenge.

Teams will have to navigate their Bell through the Maze levels and reach the desired destination without taking too long.

Bell Photography Challenge.

Teams with the Best concept of Photo with Bell will win rewards.